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Uncompromising Instruction. 

Driven Commitment to Wellness.

In 2013 Dominique opened Dance Soul Motion: the studio boasted three instructors with a dozen classes each week. The goal was simple: create a space, separate from the confines of a gym, where people could take group exercise with certified instructors who are passionate about their craft. Mindbody and cardio classes were offered weekly in the hopes of creating a well-rounded approach to fitness for our clients. Fast forward to 2016 and Dominique had an amazing, strong, staff of over 10 instructors and offered various styles of yoga, barre, and cardio each week. With the growing popularity of our barre classes we were lucky to expand into what is now known as "The Barre Room" at Dance Soul Motion. With our addition came new classes and new instructors. Today Dance Soul Motion offers 35 classes each week from a highly-talented group of 14 instructors. 

Our journey is growing with each person who walks through our doors: are you ready to see what's next?



Dance Soul Motion instructors have a passion for group fitness, health, wellness, and a personal interest in helping each client reach his or her goals. They are at the core of the studio community. 

Nutritional Guidance.

Fueling your body properly is important both to get the most out of your workouts and to stay healthy to enjoy them for years to come! Changing your nutrition doesn't mean "diet" and it certainly doesn't have to be for weight-loss: it can be to cure digestive issues, build muscle, or even help improve your mood! If you have an emotional attachment to food, or are simply looking to eat healthier, we want to help! Please take a moment to fill out our nutrition survey and someone will be in touch.

Change always starts from within: that includes the food you eat!