Vinyasa, Kripalu, Yin

Yoga uses physical movement through poses, asanas, to promote health and wellness. Through the use of breath, movement, and mindfulness students transition between moves to build strength, stability, and awareness of self. For details on the different classes, please see our class schedule.


Mat Based

Mat pilates focuses on the strengthening of your core, including lengthening your spine, while also toning your arms and legs. Controlled breath and movements fuel this total body workout.


Total Body, ZenBarre, Barre Stretch

Barre classes are rooted in the fundamentals of ballet, using components of fitness and Pilates, to tone and lengthen your muscles. Balls, weights, and resistance bands are used to intensify certain movements. For details on the different classes, please see our class schedule. 

Total body Tone

Circuit Style Class

Total Body tone is a circuit style, or stationed, class where participants complete a certain set or time of movement before progressing to the next station. Both weighted and body weight exercise are used.


Classic and Zumba Express

Zumba is an aerobic dance party set to rhythyms from around the globe! Moves focus on fitness and fun, leaving you sweating and ready for the next party.



One-on-One Training

Consider personal training if you're looking to expand on your yoga practice, hit targeted strength gains, or weight loss goals. You'll work 1-on-1 with a trainer to develop and implement a plan.

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